Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Possible UNR AFS logo

In my limited spare time I have been trying to get back into art and most of the time I find that my energy is focused at our new UNR American Fisheries Society subunit. I have been messing around with Adobe Illustrator quite a bit and I'm feeling more comfortable with it every time I use it. My first product was the stonefly in the title banner of this blog and my second is an attempt to create a logo for UNR AFS that looks good and says something without being too busy. I sat down and thought of words that I would try to convey in the logo and Reno and fish kept coming up. So...the current version of our logo incorporates Reno and fish in the most parsimonious fashion.

I'll run it by the members next Tuesday and see what they think. If it doesn't end up as our logo, I think it will make a pretty cool shirt that will be marketable to everyone in a fundraiser or something. We'll see. Let me know what you think; any comments are appreciated (but save your wrist the trouble of telling me it looks like the Patagonia logo, I already know).

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